Healing with Creativity

~Where Dreams and Heart Whispers Find Wings~


Do you have a gnawing feeling in the deepest, wisest part of you that knows it’s time to stop trying to fix yourself and just step into your life? I believe directing your creativity to create more intentionality in your life is the next step. I remember a time when I was struggling to figure out the next step in my own trajectory and how to heal myself — not through willpower but rather, through nourishment. I learned it wasn’t really about “Monday,” as in “I’ll start that NEXT Monday.” It was really about tapping into pleasure and creativity and claiming a space to tend my heart and my voice. I wanted more of that. I created The Creative Nest because it symbolized, for me, a safe place to rest and to play and to honor and bless our painful experiences.

I made this Nest for you too.

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Sometimes it’s through drawing a line or making a mark – splashing paint across a canvas – with no attachment to the outcome or product that can bring us peace. Everything is welcome in The Nest. Sometimes that line or mark or splash of paint creates a shift in experience as we release old wounds, regret, or the idea that things should be some other way.  This is the playground where you get to give voice to everything you didn’t think you could speak.

I want to show you how you are
both the author and the hero of your life.


Are you ready to dance with your muse and meet your amazing story maker?


Healing with Creativity is for you if:

  • You are finally ready to learn how to heal and thrive and you know that cultivating a creative practice is the next step.

  • You believe you don’t have “a creative bone” in your body, but you are ready to defy your inner critic, release your sequestered self, and claim your voice.

  • You need a safe and uncensored an outlet for the wise, wild woman within. She has been a “good girl” long enough. 

  • The overwhelm of your life leaves you feeling bone-tired and scattered. You know that “working with your hands” fills you with an unspeakable joy that you can no longer deny yourself. 

  • You crave a juicer, more tangible connection with your Soul and with your inner life. You long to weave more creativity into your every day for more purpose, meaning, and magic.

If you are feeling stuck I will teach you how to take your troubles
“to the canvas” to create a relieving shift!


Are you ready for some traction?

Let’s help you Claim
your Wings!

Shelby has a gift to see through all the fodder and ask poignant questions. She listened and held my words as sacred. She was able to hear what was most important to me and deliver it back in a clear concise way that left me with renewed passion for my life and business. I highly recommend working with Shelby to anyone needing some clarity around their work or passion.
— Terre

Ready to Get Started?


When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.
— Audre Lorde

What You Will Get…

With Me As Your Creative Catalyst


I offer tangible coaching strategies to help you root into & embody your life. I’ve been a multi-passionate, multi-media artist and an intrepid entrepreneur for more than 25 years. In addition to being a therapist, I have a breadth of experience as a selling artist, a healing practitioner, a web developer and a branding coach. (Among some other curious iterations I will tell you about sometime.) I am a left-handed autodidact who conspires with my Muse on a daily basis. Sometimes hourly ~ and I know how to listen! I am rearing to teach you what it means to live from the essence of your creative coalescence. There is so much magic waiting for you here.


I am a feeler of deeper energies and use this ability to help you gain clarity and courage when you bump up against resistance that might appear as you muster the pluckiness and grit to push yourself into a more expanded and powerful way of being.

I hold creativity as a deeply powerful gift and working with and supporting creative souls LIKE YOU is an awe-inspiring honor! I know how thrilling it is to prevail against the odds and claim your creative, heart-powerful-voice. I am honored to support you.