Soul Centered Psychotherapy

For Brave and Tender Souls Ready for a Change


I offer a compassionate, empowerment-focused approach to therapy and meeting life’s pain and challenges. I am a trauma-informed therapist. That simply means that I have a deep respect and appreciation for how our painful life experiences and circumstances can shape our perception and beliefs about relationships and the world. Therefore, my approach is rooted in understanding how a person’s identity and sense of place in the world is influenced not only by their current conditions and self-concept, but by how they are impacted by their family of origin, their culture and society at large.   

My style is client-centered, dynamic and strength-based. I believe the most effective therapeutic relationships are created in partnership; it is my honor to be both a guide and a witness to your process and evolution. I practice from an anti-oppression lens that is steeped in the belief that you are the author and expert of your life - your own sovereign self.

I understand that many things in life are messy, complex, and painful. In our work together, I will help you learn how to access your imagination, your creativity and your curiosity. We’ll cultivate tangible strategies for healing and liberation from the pain and the suffering that is an inevitable byproduct of being alive.

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.
— Hafiz

Even in the middle of it “All”…
there is still so much beauty and joy to be claimed.


Have you ever considered the soul message in life’s challenges?
In our work together, we’ll discover how to help you to tap into your creative, “soulful” self to grow a more resilient and satisfying relationship to your vitality. We’ll strengthen your problem-solving capacity and help you navigate the pain and messiness of life.


We’ll do this is a number of ways: talk therapy, a dynamic wordless scribble, collage making. Perhaps even a symbol, a metaphor or a myth. And, I want to tell you right now, you don’t have to be an artist or even “make art.” Just be ready to discover the magic making that will happen as you learn how to use your intention, imagination and creativity to create powerful shifts in both your inner and outer life! If traditional “talk therapy” has left you feeling stuck, tongue-tied or craving a different way to create meaning and healing in your life, then let’s have talk. I will teach you how to Create to Nourish you and your life. My hope is that in this process, you will gain a more expansive view of your problems, your heartaches and your hopes so that you can access the aliveness that is YOUR essence.

For a comprehensive list of the challenges
I am skilled to help you with click on the button.

Learning to tap into your creativity can be revolutionary
…and so liberating.

You just have to bring your curiosity and
I will lead
the way. 

I am here to help you claim peace & joy

~even amid the complicated, messiness of life~


What to Expect & How I Work:

I offer in-person psychotherapy sessions in my office on Bainbridge Island, Washington. The duration and depth of our work together will be determined by your overall goals for therapy. 

Brave or tender (and everything in between), I will support you in accessing & tapping into your internal strengths, insights & resourcefulness so that you reach your goals, reside in your resilience & cultivate the healing you desire.

With curiosity, kindness and periodic love nudges I will encourage you to show up fully; I will do the same. I am committed to tending our therapeutic relationship, I see our work together as an alliance. I strive to understand the uniqueness of you and will attune to your specific needs and goals throughout our work together. 

My job and honor as therapist is to hold reverent space
for all that shows up…

Grab your cozy socks
and meet me in The Creative Nest…

My experience with Shelby has been deeply rewarding. Her Native alias could be She Who Nurtures. She is a woman steeped in creativity, earth energy, and commitment to personal growth. Shelby is wise, insightful, mindful, and best of all, she is heart-centered.
— testimonial
I wish I could show you when you are lonely
or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.
— Hafiz